Kat and Anna want to make it clear that we support all noncommercial transformative works (including but not limited to fan fiction, fan art, and fan vids). As fan fiction writers ourselves, and active participants in various fandoms for most of our lives, both on and off the internet, we recognize and value fan culture and works.

If our publishing contract allowed for it, we’d put our work under a Creative Commons license, which would also allow free distribution of the e-text of the original work — but since it doesn’t, we cannot legally do that. However, we do encourage readers to use their local libraries to access the text of our current book and future other books if purchasing it isn’t an option for whatever reason.

We do ask that you do not screw around with our ability to earn our livings from writing, which means that you cannot ever sell any of the transformative works you’ve done based on our stuff.

We are also concerned with being sued and with keeping our ideas for the characters and universes we’ve created more or less “pure” in our brains — to that end we are not going to access any of the transformative works based on any open canon of our writing. Once we’ve closed the canon (officially stopped writing about the particular characters/universe), all bets are off!

(Basically we’re pretty selfish and so we’d like to encourage people to write Allie/Roxie — or Narnia/Roxie! Or Ryan/Harry Potter (their love is so full of adolescent angst!) — fanfic and put it up on the Archive of Our Own so we’ll be able to eventually read it!)

If you have any questions (or want one of Kat’s ten billion interesting copyright links), leave a comment — we have a lot to say on this subject.

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